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[candy.muse] art by hanna.

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The iconjournal of acertainallure.
If you look for previously posted art, look here mchannas
My arts (mainly icons) will be posted here. I'm using Photoshop 7 since 3-4 years. ♥Fandoms Football. Pride&Prejudice. Beauties. Hotties. Football. Grey's Anatomy. the OC. moviestars. Harry Potter.
♥1. No stealing, and saying the icon is made by you.
♥2. No editing of my icons. (textless icons are not bases.)
♥3. Credit candymuse or acertainallure.
♥4. Comment when taking icons!
all posts will be friends locked after a month.
why join the comm?
- able to request from me
- more iconposts
- special tutorials
- voting polls for graphics
- archive
- other graphics (headers, banners, ...)
- icons
- tutorials
- headers
- no archive

questions? post here

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